EDB to PST Converter Tool

MS Exchange not only ensures optimum delivery of emails but also keeps a backup of entire user mailbox in EDB files. These files come handy when user accidently deletes his mailbox and looses data. Under severe corruption situations, when user mailbox along with EDB files get corrupt, you need to find an EDB 2 PST converter as soon as possible.

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There can be many reasons to corrupt EDB files, here are few:

  • JET engine errors
  • Due to Virus attacks
  • Exchange Server Error Code 528
  • Hardware Failure Errors
  • Server failure or Crash
  • File Header Corruption
  • Log Files Deleted
  • Dirty Shutdown due to power spate
  • Due to Up gradation
  • Logical corruption of Exchange Database
  • Due to Some Human Errors
  • Deletion of user Mailboxes

There are several inbuilt tools such as Eseutil, Isinteg and ExMerge.exe to restore Exchange database but these may take extra time and efforts. Microsoft’s ExMerge.exe works specifically for MS Exchange 2003, Eseutil can be used for defragmentation of EDB files if they exceed 16GB limit. Isinteg has its own limitations. There are many options but none of them perform complete recovery. Moreover, the user may need some technical skills and enough time to perform EDB 2 PST conversion.

Third party EDB 2 PST software is the perfect way to ease out the process and perform complete Exchange Repair in less time and more efficiency. EDB 2 PST tool is user-friendly, interactive and very easy to use. The EDB 2 PST tool is based on advanced set of algorithms and two explicit recovery modes that enable user to convert EDB 2 PST and rebuild an entire Exchange Server database that can be directly mounted. Any concern or issue related with large size EDB file or database can be easily avoided by using this software.

The third party software lets you recover corrupt EDB files along with STM and log files as well easily. It performs comprehensive Exchange repair in less time, utmost perfection and flawlessly! Users can select recovered files and save accordingly. Moreover, the software comes in trial version. Users can get some idea about the product features, functionalities and working by downloading free version before buying this tool. Users can easily purchase the software online by following few steps. Any issue with the software installation or usage can be solved by 24/7 technical support executives.