Eseutil Exchange 2007

Eseutil: A utility to repair corrupt or damaged files in Exchange 2007

Managing and keeping the MS Exchange up and running do not come so easy! Regular updates, antivirus agent installation and constant checking are few things that needs to be done at constant intervals. However, during extreme server crash or virus attacks, the Exchange files get corrupt and lose entire data. Eseutil is an inbuilt utility that can be used to repair Exchange 2007 files.

Eseutil Exchange 2007 utility is the tool that is used to verify, modify or repair Exchange database files. A corrupt or damaged database can be restored using Eseutil Exchange 2007 inbuilt utility. Eseutil is a command line utility that works with Extensible Storage Engine (ESE), database files and log files, which are associated with a MS Exchange database.

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It is simple to locate the Eseutil Exchange 2007 file. The default location is :\Program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin. In the earlier versions of MS Exchange, Eseutil could only repair mailbox and public folders of ESE database. Whereas, in Exchange 2007, Eseutil can be used with ESE databases on Exchange hub transport and edge transport server roles as well.

It can be run on one corrupt database file at a given time and you can perform many functions like repair, offline defragmentation, integrity checks etc on the file. The Eseutil examines the structure of database tables and records at the low level of database Ese.dll. Other than repairing corrupt file, the inbuilt utility can be used to perform a plethora of useful functions by using different switches for example, /D for defragmentation, /P for repair, /C for restore, /R for recovery, /G for integrity etc. Modes like integrity or offline defragmentation could be used to verify the state of given database.

Eseutil Exchange 2007 inbuilt utility has its benefits and issues, such as, STM (streaming) files cannot be repaired with this program. This tool does not support corrupt STM files. In earlier Eseutil versions, STM files were supported but the limitation to repair only public folders made it less popular.

Hence, it is preferred to use third party software. Usage of third party software such as, Exchange repair tool not only eases the entire repair process but also performs complete Exchange repair in less time with accurate results. The software is easy to use, interactive and very user-friendly. Another reason why you should shift to this third party software is that Exchange repair tool repairs entire Exchange database without fail.

The software effortlessly restores private as well as public EDB files and STM along with the log files. Integrated with quick set of algorithms and two repair modes, the software proves its mettle when it comes to repairing severely corrupt, damaged, inaccessible or rebuilding database. Moreover, the software can be downloaded free of cost and tried for some days before purchasing. Any issue with installation or download can be rectified immediately with our 24/7 technical support executives.